The Farm...


I grew up in Eastern Colorado and both of my parents came from family farms.  Most of my relatives had a tie to land.  I am really thankful for my rural heritage.  My wife, Dorette, grew up in the big city, but had parents who understood the value that the American farmer brought to the table...literally!  The goal of finally being able to purchase land (70 acres) has been realized and now we have the wonderful opportunity and responsibility to tend the land.  I don’t want to pontificate here...but I do feel an awesome responsibility to be diligent not to just “make a buck” by having the land give us something, but to be a good steward of the build it up and not just take from it. 

When I was growing up, every spring when we were in the fields, we sprayed chemicals to kill the weeds...used chemicals to push the crop’s growth, etc...  I can remember hating the chemical side of things and thinking that there had to be a better way...a way that was more natural.  Now that we have our farm...we are implementing those ideals.  The naysayers say that it’s way too costly...and it is costly.  There also is a “cost”...that I think is even more expensive...and that is the cost of ill-health.  My father died at age 37 due to a cancerous brain tumor.  In no way am I suggesting that “conventional” farming practices were the cause, but I can say for sure that many of the chemicals used “back in the day” have now been proven to be a cause of some types of cancer.

Our commitment to organic/natural, sustainable agricultural practices is really a non-negotiable for us.  Long-term it will promote health for all involved...humans, animals, and the crops raised.  The soil will be built up in the process and be healthy for years to come (grandkids!!!). 


We are trying to transition the farm from gravity irrigation to sprinkling.  We can use less water and have less erosion...a win/win.  Our crop rotation entails cereals, forages, intensively grazed pasture, and the appropriate cover crops.  


In addition, we are slowly going to develop organically/naturally grown garlic...powder it, bottle it, the sell it.  Hey...I know it may sound grandiose, but I want to create “world-class” organic/natural garlic powder!  I am going to add a twist as well by offering flavored (i.e. chiles, etc...) garlic powder.  Stay tuned and check back with us to see our first offering! 


If you raise organic livestock or produce organic milk and are looking to find an organic producer, feel free to email me or give me a call at: 208-280-2688.  I would love to help in any way to fulfill your livestock feed needs.