Organic/Natural Meat...

Why Icelandic Sheep?

Icelandic lamb is considered a delicacy in Europe because of it’s exquisite taste.  Prior to our raising Icelandics, I could not eat lamb...literally I couldn’t swallow it.  There was something about the taste that I found would make me gag.  When people would ask if I liked lamb, I would tell them that I just couldn’t eat it...only to hear that whoever had prepared it didn’t prepare it right...”I will fix you some that you will love”.  Without fail, the same thing would happen.  You can imagine how many times I went through this. 

THE REASON we chose to raise Icelandics was from the research I did on the different breed’s characteristics on meat and wool.  When I found that they have little lanolin and that their taste was unlike any other sheep, we made the call to raise Icelandics.  I have to say...the first time we cook some lamb we had butchered, I was really nervous about tasting it.  I really wanted it to be all that my research had read, but now was crunch-time.  I had to take the first bite.  When I did...I couldn’t believe it.  It tasted NOTHING like any other lamb had tasted in the was so delicate and so amazing.  I’ve grilled it...smoked it...roasted it...and every time (many different lambs) it has been consistently awesome.  After I did even further research, I found that 85%+ of people that do not like the taste of lamb is because of the lanolin that naturally migrates into the muscle tissue.  I happened to be in the 85% category that can’t tolerate the taste of that lanolin migration.  Now...I absolutely love eating lamb...Icelandic lamb that is.  If you have never tasted Icelandic lamb or just don’t care for the taste of lamb, but really like the nutritional benefits that lamb offers, give it a too may be totally delighted by the taste.

Nutritional Benefits

I won’t try to bore you with the specifics, but the nutritional benefits of lamb are pretty amazing!


Our sheep are raised naturally/organically and are not given any antibiotics, hormones, chemicals, etc...  They are raised out in the open and are pastured fed and in a tough winter when they may need some hay, it is hay that has been raised in the same manner.  I know every person that we buy feed from and my son or I do all the feeding and we know every ounce of intake these sheep have had.  Our commitment to raising sheep naturally/organically, produces meat that is naturally lean and incredibly healthy.

USDA Inspected

Our lamb is processed at an Organically Certified USDA facility ensuring a quality process.  The meat comes labeled and vacuum packed.  We have found that the vacuum packaging greatly increases the freezer life of the meat.  For an order well in advance, we can have custom cutting for whatever you would like.  This may or may not involve an additional cost.  Let us know well in advance and we can find out from the processor what may be involved.  Typically, they are really wonderful to work with.

We are still working to get our website up to the par that we want to have it.  We just haven’t taken the time to get pics of the meat wrapped and labeled so that we can post them here.

We do have prices that we can post and would certainly be glad to answer any specific questions you may have.  The processors have been great to work with and do a really great job.  As a USDA inspection facility, you can be certain as to the quality of processing that we all care about.

Live Animals for Butcher

If you live nearby Filer, ID (or just enjoy traveling) and would prefer to buy a live animal and have them processed at your own butcher, we can do that as well.  You can simply arrange a time to pick up the animal and you’re good to go...

Live animal price --> $2.30/lb. (live weight).  I can buy sheep at the sale yard for much cheaper...however, you really don’t know what you are getting.  At Life Spring Farms, I can guarantee that you are getting a 100% organically/naturally raised animal that is as healthy as can be. probably will not be able to purchase an Icelandic Sheep at the sale yard.