The wool that is produced here from our Icelandic flock is simple exquisite.  The foundation ram of our flock had an incredibly soft fleece and thankfully passed that trait on to most of his get.  Our virgin, yearling wool is of exceptional quality.  The softness just makes you want to run your hands through it all day!

If you purchase a fleece that you really like (of course you’ll LOVE IT!) and want to order the same fleece again, just drop us a note and let us know.  We keep detailed records of our fleeces and can trace your order and insure that you get the same fleece in subsequent orders. 


We aggressively skirt our fleeces.  For us this means that we are VERY particular with presenting a raw fleece that has very little VM and is extremely clean.  This means that there is almost no wastage and a spinner or crafter has more time to do what they love to do.  Who wants to spend all day getting a fleece ready to turn into something beautiful?


In holding true to our commitment here at Life Spring Farms for everything to be done organically/naturally, we do not use any synthetic chemicals to wash our wool.  In fact, we have gone back to way “old-school”.  We have begun to use the Suint Method for our initial washing of the fleece.  This is environmentally friendly and in our tests, has been an incredibly effective way of washing our wool.  Most of our fleeces are quite clean and some have even spun without washing and could not believe that it wasn’t washed.  We finish our washing process by using vinegar and a natural, mild soap.  This leaves wool that is ready to be turned into whatever you can dream of.


Our roving is is ready to for a spinner to spin...a creator to create...a felter to felt...or whatever else you may want to use roving for.  I think you will find our roving to be of the highest quality.  We do not dye any of our wool...it is left in its natural color state.